Rosali Grankull

Rosali Grankull is a composer, musician, and sound artist based in Gothenburg, working with acoustic instruments, objects, literature, microphones, and people. In her work, she seeks a thin line of instability to enable unexpected questions and perspectives in music.

She is interested in the qualities of sounds and the idea that all sounds originate from a movement/event. The interplay between the score and the tactile experience of physical materials is an important aspect, allowing the perspectives to dialogue and collaborate in the search for a piece's identity. Rosali is keen to participate in various collaborations with other art disciplines - in an attempt to stretch where and how a musical situation can arise. Working nationally and internationally, she has composed music for various contexts, including music for wind and symphony orchestras, chamber music ensembles, theater, contemporary dance, choirs, created sound installations, and collaborated with textile artists, directors, actors, choreographers, ceramists, etc.

creation - transformation


Skrivet om i tidskriften Nutida Musik 2018 

Live 2024

Feb 11 - Exercise for two & more players at Folkteatern Järnet, Gjuteriet Karlstad 

performed by Martin Welander and Simon Halvarsson.

Feb 21 - Identitetshandlingar i C-dur Grieghallen Bergen Norway 

with the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Edward Gardner.


Beethoven - Piano Concerto No. 5 with pianist Leif Ove Andsnes

Grankull - Identitetshandlingar i C-dur 

Nielsen - Symphony No. 5

Feb 21 - Identitetshandlingar I C-dur Grieghallen Bergen Norway

with the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Edward Gardner


Beethoven - Piano Concerto No. 5 with pianist Leif Ove Andsnes

Grankull - Identitetshandlingar i C-dur

Nielsen - Symphony No. 5

May 31 - Sept 1

Exercise for two & more players - Exhibition Kunsthall 3,14 Bergen, Norway

The piece will be presented in PARABOL (a sound shower)

in the format of an audio document of the piece

more info to come 

June 8 - Klanglabyrint with Damkapellet in Copenhagen, Denmark 

part of the KLANG Copenhagen Avantgarde Music Festival

June 22-30 - Music for Strings & Silk in the Faroe Islands

Part of the ISCM World New Music Days

Sept 28-29 - FIRE for Viva Vocal Ensemble, premier at Atalante Gothenburg 

Also with compositions by Lina Järnegard, Sten Sandell and Casey Moir

Nov premier of Dungen, at Benhuset, Stockholm 

more info to come 

Projects 2024

New commissioned work for the duo Eva Lindal & Stina Hellberg Agback, working title Dungen, premiere in November 2024

New commissioned work for Viva Vocal Ensemble with the piece FIRE, part of the ensemble's suite Elements composed by four different composers, premiere in 2024



Exercise for two & more players 2023 

Premiere in October 2023 at Atalante. A hybrid between an installation and a concert. Four musicians inside a specially constructed sound dome with copper strings attached to the floor and ceiling, turning the dome into an instrument. Collaboration with the international ensemble Curious Chamber Players. Commissioned by CCP

Signalövningar för ringar och människor 2023 premiered on January 12 at Galleri KKP Sockerbruket

A piece for a flute quartet with an extended instrumentarium, featuring five steel rings hanging at various positions in the room, each prepared in different ways to highlight their unique properties. 

The project is funded by the Swedish Arts Council and the City of Gothenburg

Klanglabyrint 2023

Collaboration with the musician collective Damkapellet based in Malmö and Copenhagen. Premiere in the summer of 2023 at Folkets Park Malmö. Klanglabyrint is a project for young people where participants build a sound installation using simple materials and practice being both listeners and musicians. The project has received funding from the Swedish Arts Council. 

Kretsar 2023

collaboration with Stefan Briland Ferner 

premiered at The Node Stockholm 

Project by STIM, Skap and FST 

Våra Ljud 2023

sound installation for children

created togheter with Jorge Alciade Cepeda

premiered at House of Possibilitas, Gothenburg  

Music for Strings & Silk - Laboration piece for 1-99 people 2022 premiered by Bohuslän Big Bad at Gerlesborg School of fine Art, Bohuslän

An interactive acoustic sound installation that the composer and participants build together in the current space. Using silk threads and string instruments as resonating boxes, they create a spatial instrument explored through hands-on work with sound, form, and perception. The silk threads' path through the room forms a visual composition while primarily serving as a sounding installation for all, regardless of their level of expertise.

No prior knowledge is required.

Music for Wallpaper/Étude en Carton 2022

premiered by Bohuslän Big Bad at Gerlesborg School of fine Art

for 4-20 players

Durata adlib 

Fuga i Dmoll - Solvkören 2022 

Sound art exhibition at Not Quite Fengefors Dalsland from July 16 to September 11, 2022.

Gorgonerna 2021 

Public collaboration, with the support of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee. Exploration of how the audience can be involved in the dramatic and musical process through an interactive performance at Kummelholmens Konsthall on October 31. Directed by Linda Malik, featuring actress Alexandra Zetterberg Ehn, costume designer Anna Ardelius, and artist/scenographer Karin Lind, with music composed by Rosali Grankull.

I vardagens dramatik - Work for Clay, Ceramists, and Musicians in 2021. 

Commissioned by Hertha Hillfon's Friends, Rian Design Museum in Falkenberg, and Musik Hallandia. Created in celebration of Hertha Hillfon's 100th anniversary. Variations on clay, strings, and objects. Sonic events and activities inspired by Hertha Hillfon's work and persona

Premiered by ceramists Sandra Österling and Rosali Grankull at KUBEN stadsmuseet Falkenberg on August 21

Isolationer.nerv 2020-2021

Commissioned work by Scenkonst Sörmland, in conjunction with the designation "Young Swedish Composer 2020" 

A composition for marimba, objects, vibrating strings, electric guitar, and moving cardboard boxes. 

Premiered in December 2021 and performed by percussionist Fia Forslund and Rosali Grankull

Fuga i Dmoll - Solvkören 2021

Sound installation, collaboration with textile-artist Hanna Norrna. 

Other artists, Helena Persson, Alessandro Perini 

Exhibition at Lokstallet Strömstad may 2021

Collaboration with textile artist Hanna Norrna, with other sound artists including Helena Persson and Alessandro Perini. Commissioned by Klangbotten/Kultur i Väst/Kulturrådet/Lokstallet Strömstad.

5.5 BLAD 2019 

New instrumentation for Curious Chamber Players

Fl, cl, cello, perc, objects x2, acoustic guitar 

Friktion - hur känns det? 2019

40 minutes dance and music performance for children 4-8 years

Choreographer Ingrid Olterman 

Composer Rosali Grankull 

Dancers Måns Erlandson and Oskar Frisk 

Premiered 14th of Septemeber 2019, at Kungsängens Kulturhus 

On tour 2019-2021

Identitetshandlingar i C-dur 2019 

Piece for Norrköping Symphony Orchestra 

Premiered 29th of May 2019 at Louis De Beer Konsert & Kongress 

5.5 BLAD 2018

Piece for quartet. Violin, Harp, Contrabass, sound objects/guitar.

Premiered at Fylkingen November -18

Andningsövningar för bälgar och människor 2018

For organ bellows & three performers 

First performance 18th of Jan 2018 at Örgryte kyrka 

Bobo & Sune 2017 

For Hurdy-gurdy and accordion, premiered at Västerås Konserthus Sept -17 

YTOR 2017 

For Wind Orchestra, premiered by Gothenburg Wind Orchestra May -17 

Skulptera.Kollision.Streck 2017 

Written for cellist My Hellgren, Solo cello & tape Premiered at Sirénfestival Gothenburg Jan -17 

Raskolnikov stegar Sankt Petersburg 2016

For three pianos. Recorded. 

Lo-fi Mandala 2016 

EAM - stereo 

Aftonen törstar 2014 

Piece for five saxophones. 

Premiered by Stockholms Saxofonkvartett & Rosali Grankull -14 

Om en plats 2014 

Piece for percussion duet, commissioned by Sound of Stockholm festival. Collaboration with Värmdö Kulturskola. Premiered at SoS festival -14

Rötter, Floder & Flamenco 2014 

One hours dance and music performance with traditional and contemporary flamenco and traditional and contemporary music. Collaboration between two dancers/choreographers - Rebecca Rubin and Sofia Castro and two musicians/composers - Afra Blu and Rosali Grankull. Premiered at Norrbyskär at Kapellet July 2014 

Komplettering till ansökan om bostadsbidrag 2014 

Piece for saxophone, sound objects, violin, piano and electronics, commissioned by Båstad Kammarmusikfestival. Premiered at Båstad Kammarmusikfestival by Rosali Grankull, Max Thornberg, Erika Risinger and Erik Dahl 

Virvlar, Stundar, Bryter in 2014 

Commissioned by Umeå Musikklasser for their 20 year anniversary. Piece for choir, strings, winds, brass, piano, percussion . Premiered by Umeå Musikklasser. Text by Umeå Musikklasser & Rosali Grankull. Collaboration between Umeå Musikklasser & Rosali

Jag vill bygga 2013 

Written for headphones Commissioned by Design Lab Skärholmen. Collaboration between Design Lab Skärholmen & Rosali. Two-month exhibition at Arkitektur- och Designcentrum at the exhibition "Vem är staden?" 

Metanoia 2013 

Piece for fl, ob, kl, perc, pno, pno, vln, vla, vlc. 

Written for Ensemble Recherche - Freiburg, premiered by Ensemble Recherche september 2013. 

Vad håller dåren vaken om nätterna? 2013 

Graduation concert/happening for two pianos, amplifiers, and sound objects with the audience lying under the wings. 

Premiered by Rosali Grankull & Jens Waltin. 

Sång för att döva smärtan 2012 

Commissioned and premiered by Västgöta Nations Manskör. Lyrics: Gunnar Ekelöf 


AM - 5.1 system. 

Premiered april 2012 För tre slagverkare & Tape 2010 Piece for three percussion and EAM.

Premiered december 2010 

Eristalis 2010 

Commissioned and premiered by KFUM's kammarkör, premiered at Sound of Stockholm festival 2010

ISTA 2010 

Piece for violin, piano and percussion. Premiered at LjudOljud festival, may 2010

Kasmiltra 2009 

Piece for fl, kl, vln, vla, vlc, pno, perc. 

Premiered by Norrbotten Neo at Ljudvågor festival, Visby 

Rundgång 2009 

30 minutes sound walk, premiered at ISCM World Music Days, Visby. Collaboration with Jens Elford 

Överflöde 2008 

Piece for Wind Orchestra, premiered at Ljudvågor festival, Visby 

TaveLek 2008 

Piece for oboe, bassoon, violin, viola, violoncello, piano, percussion. Premiered at Ljudvågor festival, Visby 

Glas(maskinen) 2008 

EAM - stereo for dance, premiered at Almedalsbiblioteket, Visby

37846718 2008 

EAM - stereo 

JUNI No.21 2008 

EAM - stereo 

Till Macheten 2008 

EAM - stereo 

Svart kristall 2007 

Piece for choir, strings, winds, brass, percussion. Premiered by Skeppsholmens Folkhögskolas Music course, at Blå Huset Tensta

Kläckt 2006 

Piece for soprano saxophone and piano 

Intonationsjakten 2006 

Piece for three alto saxophones 

Music for Theater Dans & Opera: 

Friktion - hur känns det? 2019

40 minutes dance and music performance for children 4-8 years. 

Choreographer Ingrid Olterman 

Composer Rosali Grankull 

Dancers Måns Erlandson and Oskar Frisk 

Premiered 14th of September 2019, at Kungsängens Kulturhus 

On tour 2019-2021

SANDRA 2012 

Chamber opera 20 minutes. 

Collaboration between The Royal College of Music Stockholm, University college of Opera Stockholm and Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts.Written for soprano, mezzo-soprano, baritone and fl, kl, perc x2, pno, vln, vla, vlc. Libretto: Gunnar Eriksson, premiered at the University college of Opera Stockholm may 2012 

Robert fux & Originalljudet 2010

Composer and musician together with the ensemble Originalljudet Riksteatern 2010 

KAHLO 2010

Composer and musician together with Julia Rising 

Unga Tur 

Roten ur Norén 2007 

Composer and musician together with the ensemble Originalljudet 

Unga Tur